Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Weekend

beach rocks, mandala

The weekend is here and I for one am very very happy about that.
(BIG game on sunday.  BIG GAME.)

This year I have really been trying to schedule in my studio time, teaching, planning time into the week - ya know, like a "real job" (insert eye roll here)
Being an artist who works for herself it was normal to me to have loose studio hours during the week and get a lot done on the weekends when my husband was home to watch the kids and dogs.

That was great BEFORE - ya know before my boys got so big that 2 out of the 3 have full beards and lives of their own and even the puppy is grown up.  *sigh*

So this year I am trying it out - leaving the house with a lunch and heading to the studio to put in the work.   Most of being a professional artist is showing up and so I'm showing up, putting in the time and so far I'm loving it.

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