Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Work for Eisenhauer Gallery - Debbie Miller

paintings of swimmers, contemporary art, figurative art, bathing caps,

These lovely ladies will be heading to Eisenhauer Gallery on Martha's Vineyard soon.  
I am so pleased with this years group of paintings from my swimmers series.  !

painting of swimmers, bathing caps, black and white
"In Neutral" 36x60 oil

painting of girl swimmer, bathing cap and goggles, figurative art
"Focused " 24x36 oil

painting of swimmers, figurative art
"Secrets" 36x36 oil

painting of a line of swimmers, figurative art,
"In the Meantime" 24x36 oil

painting of girl swimmers, figurative art, blue and white
"Girl Power" 36x36 oil

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